From strategic branding to award-winning campaigns, Wirthwein Marketing proves time and again that we not only deliver impressive results, we do it on-brand, on-budget, and on-time.

Senior Living Advertising- Results Driven

At Wirthwein Marketing, we understand the vast difference between today’s seniors and those of yesteryear. They are more demanding, more savvy and more apt to resist our products. We also have an in-depth understanding of the adult children who are decision-makers or important influencers in the lives of their parents. This delicate dynamic requires a sensitive and knowledgeable level of expertise to reach and persuade each unique audience. We have the experience, the tools, and a rare understanding of senior living advertising which gives us the competitive advantage and ensures that our clients achieve the results they’re seeking

senior living advertising

7 Steps Towards a Positive Outcome

1. Define the client’s unique sales proposition (USP)—the “one-of-a-kind” benefits that differentiate them from the competition.

2. Identify the target market—using historic profile results of the resident population and the lead base characteristics.

3. Review past marketing efforts across multiple media—both the client’s efforts as well as their competition.

4. Evaluate the established brand positioning to determine if it is effective, appropriate and consistent.

5. Measure the current message strategy and execution against the target audience.

6. Consider the most appropriate tactics needed to achieve the objectives—only after gaining a clear understanding of the current environment.

7. Craft a new plan and creative platform to maximize cost-effective lead and sales results—based on the potential deficiencies and opportunities discovered in the steps above.

“The most wonderful thing about Ms. Wirthwein, is that she gets this business because she has been on the front lines herself. When she gives advice or guidance, it is because she has done this very job. She knows first-hand the challenges that senior living advertising and sales personnel face on a daily basis. Because she has cut her teeth in this business, her teaching goes beyond just imparting marketing knowledge and sales skills.”

Dida Horton | Sr. Director of Marketing and Sales, Buckner Retirement Ser
vices, Inc.